Gold Collagen (collagen)

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Gold Collagen® brand and products are owned by Minerva Labs (United Kingdom). Tony Sanguinetti, founder of Minerva Labs, was impressed by the respectful and refined attitude of Japanese women towards beauty as an art form. He realized that nutrition is an integral part of the daily beauty ritual. This gave rise to a product line for Western countries based on the Japanese understanding of skin youthfulness. The first Minerva Labs food supplement was PURE Gold Collagen®. This supplement was introduced to the UK market in 2011. Since then, Minerva Labs has been purposefully developing innovative beauty products. The Gold Collagen® product line consists of clinically evaluated food supplements for skin, hair and nails, as well as cosmetics to help improve the condition of the skin. Collagen itself is extracted in Japan. The Gold Collagen® brand includes a wide range of products that have been proven useful in clinical trials. The Gold Collagen® line of products is recommended for people of all lifestyles and ages.

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