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Juves Laboratoires was established in Paris in 2015 and is a leading company specialized in research,development and production of innovative medical devices, especially dermal fillers used in anti-ageing and aesthic treatments. Juves mission is to satisfy the aesthetician doctors demands, but also the patients expectations, which are willing to get treatments with the highest quality products, but with an excellent value for money. 

Scientific knowledge, cooperation with dermatologists and plastic surgeons, technological development and the modern production process, made Juves Laboratories to become one of the leading companies, specialized in aesthetic fillers production. Juves developed the full range of hyaluronic acid FigurHA - with applications in filling and smoothing wrinkles, lips natural augmentation and modelling, facial contouring and SIMETRO - last generation filler, made up of replika shop calcium crystals, used for filling wrinkles, restoring facial volume, lifting volume and skin rejuvenation (long-term improvement of skin quality).
In the continuous expanding market of manufacturers and distributors of injectable implants, Juves Laboratories is distinguished by the fact that it monitors the entire product life-cycle management, from initial phase of the raw material production to final product obtaining and packaging into syringes.
Products are manufactured in strict conditions in laboratories, which operates under the highest quality and safety standards ISO9001 & ISO13485, GMP.
All the products are CE certified, being safe, natural, lasting and comfortable injectable implants.
Juves Laboratories products are the only ones on the market that contain with 25% more material and are packaged in syringes of 1.25 ml.



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