Biorevitalizer Jalevel

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Jalevel - is an isotonic, biodegradable gel, consisting of hyaluronic acid (20 mg/ml), obtained by bacterial synthesis (using Streptococcus equi).

Therapy of aging changes in skin, including dehydrated stratum corneum, decreased tone and elasticity, formation of wrinkles;

Improvement of skin repair processes, for example, in treatment of scar tissue caused by superficial wounds (acne, chickenpox);

Combined therapy with peeling, laser therapy, radiowave therapy and other aggressive aesthetic procedures.

HA concentration - 20 mg / ml

Molecular weight 1 - 1,5 (mln. Da) 

Packing: 1x2 ml

Needle – 2x30G ½

Injection depth – superfacial dermis

Injection techniques: linear or micropapula technique