Terms and conditions

Rules of the e-shop www.gopestetika.com


1.1. In order to buy in the gopestetika.com e-shop, the Buyer can do it as a guest (without registering) or by creating a user account. A registered Buyer wishing to purchase products for Professional Use will be notified of the confirmation by a separate email.

1.2. Creating a customer account makes shopping easier, you don't have to re-enter contact order information, you can track order fulfillment and status, and contact customer service faster and easier. To create your ACCOUNT, the Buyer must LOG IN in the upper right corner and fill in the registration form.

1.3. During registration, the Buyer indicates his e-mail. an email address that will later be used to sign in to your account, create an account, and contact it for orders. If you submit an incorrect or another person's email email address, the registered account may be deleted without prior notice.

1.4. During registration, the Buyer provides a password that will be used when connecting to the account, gopestetika.lt does not accept any responsibility for possible damage caused by the Buyer not ensuring the security of his account or disclosing the password to other persons.

1.5. One Buyer can register only once and have only one account.

1.6. When buying without registration and having formed a shopping cart, the Buyer must enter his contact details and e-mail.


2.1. After forming the shopping cart and filling in the necessary data, the Buyer will receive the order data in his e-mail. The Buyer will also receive information about the sent order in his e-mail (the tracking code of a specific order will be indicated in the letter - in ominiva or DPD systems).

2.2. The Buyer can pay for the goods via online banking, bank transfer or cash pick-up at the store (Vytauto ave. 13, Kaunas).

2.3. After selecting online banking or bank transfer and making the payment, the Buyer must indicate the order number in the payment destination field.

2.4. When the buyer pays via online banking or bank transfer, the execution of the order starts only after receiving the confirmation of payment.

2.5. When the buyer pays in cash, the execution of the order starts on the same business day.

2.6. We will deliver the goods in the warehouse within 3-5 working days.

2.7. The prices of the goods are indicated in euros. All prices include VAT.


3.1. The goods are delivered via Omniva ATM, DPD courier, bus parcels or Lithuanian Post or they can be picked up at the store (Vytauto ave. 13, Kaunas).

3.2. The buyer undertakes to indicate the consignee of the goods, the exact delivery address, postal code, contact telephone number.

3.3. The buyer undertakes to accept the ordered product during delivery. If the product is delivered to the address specified by the Buyer and based on other data provided by the Buyer, but the Buyer cannot accept the products, gopestetika.lt does not take any responsibility for the delivery or transfer of the product to the wrong entity.


4.1. The main characteristics of each product sold are indicated in the description of each product.

4.2. The Buyer have the right to return the product in accordance with the law of the Republic of Lithuania if the seller agrees to accept the product within 14 days from the date of collection (except for food supplements, cosmetics, medical devices and electrical appliances).

4.3. According to the law of the Republic of Lithuania, products can be returned only by agreement of the parties, i.e. with the consent of the seller. Additional conditions must be met when returning the product:

4.3.1. the product must not be used.

4.3.2. the product must be returned in its original, undamaged packaging.

4.3.3. when returning the product, proof of purchase must be provided.

4.3.4. the products must be returned to the consignor's address indicated on the packaging.

4.4. gopestetika.lt has the right not to accept returned products if the product return conditions have not been complied with.

4.5. If the defects of the product are due to the fault of gopestetika.com and it is not possible to eliminate them or replace the goods, the paid money is returned by bank transfer to the payer's bank account.


5.1. The Buyer undertakes to comply with the rules of gopestetika.lt and the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union.

5.2. The buyer is fully responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the data provided in the registration form. If the Buyer provides inaccurate or incorrect data in the registration form, gopestetika.lt is not responsible for the consequences and acquires the right to claim compensation for direct losses incurred by the Buyer.

5.3. The buyer is fully responsible for his actions performed on the gopestetika.lt website.

5.4. The buyer has the right not to accept the provided service or goods if it does not meet the specifications specified in the order. In such circumstances, re-execution of the order to correct quality defects does not cost the Buyer anything.


6.1. gopestetika.com undertakes to deliver the products ordered by the Buyer to the specified address, as provided in Chapter 3 of these Rules.

6.2. gopestetika.com undertakes to repair the incorrectly executed order free of charge, if the order was made incorrectly due to the fault of gopestetika.lt.

6.3. gopestetika.com does not accept any liability for losses incurred due to the fact that the Buyer, not taking into account the recommendations of gopestetika.lt and its obligations, has not become acquainted with these Rules. These rules are based on the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.