Are you looking for quality educational seminars in the field of beauty? Then we can help! 

We have accumulated extensive experience in organizing those type of seminars, which are designed to improve knowledge for beauty professionals. Both individual and group cognitive seminars are organized, led by top-level professionals in their field: hyaluronic fillers, mesotherapy, mesotherapy thread or mesotherapy thread with cannula, biorevitalization, PRP blood plasma, Mezopen and Hyaluron Pen.

What will you learn during the seminars? You will be provided with individual training conditions, we will answer all your questions, we will provide seminar materials. Not only that, there is no time limit during the seminars, as the end is up to you. In other words, the teacher will answer and help you understand the subtleties of the procedure you care about, will provide all the necessary theoretical information about the variety of procedure techniques. At the end of the seminars, we provide further consultations from our company's specialists. Our goals: to provide as much information as possible, to convey the most important aspects, to provide all the necessary assistance during and after the seminars. Looking forward to your arrival!

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail: